Today the hugely grown tree of Kitchenware products standing high and tall in Rajkot, which was just a seed before years and the transition process has many success stories to cherish.

Welcome To Rajkot Kitchenware Manufacturers Association.

Today the hugely grown tree of Kitchenware products standing high and tall in Rajkot, which was just a seed before years and the transition process has many success stories to cherish. This journey is also full of excitement and courage. Kitchenware products have been developed with such courage, that you would surely grab the message of hard work and its results!


Let’s explore and learn about this journey and come to know how the flame of glory was ignited and kept secure for us in the very initial stage of its growth.


India fought hard and won the freedom from the rulers, i.e. the Britishers. The development of the nation started with the freedom. Every sector has started to flourish and the substantial change in the life style of Indian citizens also took place. In this phase, the demand for Kitchenware products was possible in 2-3 centres only namely Mumbai, Delhi... In that era, 2-3 young minds dreamt to give Rajkot sky to fly in Kitchenware products manufacturing. Lac of resources, money and proper education for the same, the machinery etc were the reasons for them to stop, but they didn’t.  They started to work hard and today that toil is bearing the fruits.


The invented products to gift the Indian kitchens started with the manufacturing of knife and gas lighter and then more than 250 Kitchenware products including kitchenpress, puri press, sev sancha, many types of slicer, juicer, chilly cutter and ravai were  revolutionary for the market of Kitchenware products. Today many units of Kitchenware products are synergised with each other and moving ahead to growth. The reasons are many but the fact is that today Rajkot has emerged as the leading and premium centre for Kitchenware products in entire nation with its quality and competitive prices. The Kitchenware products manufactured in Rajkot are reaching overseas with the bang.

The credit behind this glorious success goes to each and every courageous kitchenware products manufacturer of Rajkot. Before almost one and half decade, the leaders of Rajkot Kitchenware felt the need of an association who looks forward to the continuous and collected growth. These visionaries and other supporters, in number 14-15, came forward and incepted the association. The first president chair was graced by Vijaybhai Parekh and Mantri was Shree Chandubhai Kotadiya. The intial years were with a few members, but the work they started to do attracted many eventually all the manufacturer of Kitchenware products. The present president Shree Ashokbhai Manvar and his strong team and the support of all the members empowered Rajkot Kitchenware Manufacturers Association has been working as the growth engine for the kitchenware sector. The milestones are many to conference hall in the association office and the entire office turning computerized.

Rajkot Kitchenware Manufacturers Association has also started to publish the member’s director annually. This is the 3rd year in the row.

Rajkot Kitchenware Manufacturers Association’s goal is not just to earn money by manufacturing kitchenware products, but also contribute to the growth of nation by its innovation and manufacturing. Today’s world believes in two phrases: Time is money and health is wealth. We want to manufacture the kitchenware products that ease the housewives of India saving time and keeping the health as the concern area. Rajkot Kitchenware Manufacturers Association also considers saving the time and keeping the health and Indian families concern them. The solution of employment is also catered by the industries of kitchenware. Rajkot Kitchenware Manufacturers Association and its all the members are working hard with this spirit and time will prove the fact!

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